Human grooming rediscovered

I salute all humans.

I am pleased to announce the rediscovery of grooming for humans.

Grooming is the action of unfolding your skin with your nails.

Grooming is natural and free.

For a fast and informative introduction to grooming;
please watch the following videos.

What is grooming?

Grooming techniques, performed with your nails and fingertips, are used to remove the folds in your skin.

These folds, that you can observe everywhere on your body, are ignored by medicine, but they are the source of your ugliness, aging and most of your aches and pains.

Grooming proves that these folds can be unfolded and that the skin can regain its beauty, flexibility and painlessness.

You were supposed to groom all your life, and this omission explains how you look and feel today.

You use your nails
to explore, crush and unfold your skin.

Your skin is badly folded

Your body is criss-crossed by folds from head to toes.

You were born with some of them, but their number and depth increases all your life.

When you reach old age, your skin is completely crumpled, creased and wrinkled.

In fact, this hand is folded all over.

What makes things worse is the fact that you can't see most of the folds.

Your skin doesn't like to be folded, so it paves the seam of each fold with fresh epidermis cells.

However, you can easily feel the folds with your super-sensitive nails and fingertips.

Folds in your skin are harmful to your health

Fold me

Skin is a multi-layered tissue laced with blood vessels, nerves, hair follicles, sweat glands, touch, pressure, heat and pain receptors, ...

It can't be folded without greatly affecting the performance of these components.

Grooming for beauty or for health

Because unfolding your skin liberates it and resets it to its normal position; the benefits cover both aesthetic and health aspects.

Grooming rejuvenates your skin and you become more beautiful than you've ever been.

Without grooming, your skin ages and becomes flabby, spotted, sagged and wrinkled.

Since you haven't done this, some places have become very folded and tense; they often make you suffer.

Arthritis, chronic pain, loss of sensitivity and many of the crippling illnesses and disabilities that come with age are due to a lack of grooming.

At last, a cure for those illnesses
that medicine couldn't explain

How do you groom?

Grooming is performed directly on your skin.

Grooming debut

Grooming and primates

Responsibility for what you look like

Try it

Let your nails grow

You can't groom
if your nails aren't long enough